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Proximity to major markets, an excellent transportation system to move goods and people, a skilled labor force, ample energy and water resources, available land and existing facilities, and cooperative local municipalities are just some of the advantages of doing business in the western suburbs of Cook County. More than 150 industries are located in the area, which in turn provides hundreds of jobs to residents and generates substantial tax dollars for local municipalities. This Chamber represents a diverse business mix, including manufacturing, retail and wholesale, financial, medical, applied technology, construction and more. This broad foundation has created a strong and stable local economy, which helps us maintain the economic health of our small, local businesses that are essential. 


Perks of the West Suburbs

Thank you for checking out the West Suburban Chamber of Commerce & Industry, where you can learn about the communities, assets and opportunities available to your business within this region.  Our goal is to be a single source for business owners and those looking to relocate here. We will point you in the right direction! 

Below, we provide information and data on individual communities within the Chamber. With one click, you will be able to access data on population, demographics, employment status, housing statistics and more.Please visit regularly for updated information.